The Frontman

Colin ‘Aardvark’ Fowler: Frontman and all round madman of the bunch

Vocals_sColin first started in Nottingham in 1986, playing live with ‘ZORO’ before moving to Manchester for a few rockin’ college years. He moved back to Nottingham and formed folk rock band ‘Monkey Puzzle’ in 1991, writing much of their material and touring up and down the country playing big name support slots and headlining a few of their own.

Following the demise of ‘Monkey Puzzel’, Colin hooked up with some-time collaborators and formed what would eventually become ‘The Moscow Straits’, who partied hard throughout the ‘naughty’ years.

He took some time away from the live scene until he heard the call to come and belt it out once again . . . whilst swinging from the rafters.

The Ax Grinder


Rob Hales: Yoga guitar guru and all round Jedi of the highest order

IMG_0792Since the destruction of his home world a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Rob has been a force for good through the known galaxy.  He has been fighting for the Rebel Alliance ever since an unfortunate encounter with a member of the Hutt family, 200 gallons of baby oil and a service droid.

Known for his superior picking skills and running-on-the-spot dancing, Rob was persuaded to join the dark side and play guitar for your truly, which is where he can be seen playing to this very day.

Coming soon to a cantina near you . . .




The Bassman


Si ‘Thumper’ Cooper: Rhythm section, holding down the low end

Bass_sSi started playing in the late 1200′s and is noted to have taken 400 years off after forgetting to set his alarm clock. Towards the end of 1694 he teamed up with the wombles and as a founding member of ‘No Respect’, causing mayhem and noise pollution round Evesham during the last century.

He was later sighted playing for Nottingham indie/rock bands ‘Calling for Heroes’ and ‘Loaded Revolver’ although it wasn’t until 2011, that he answered the call to lay down the low end for yours truly.

The Animal


Percussion_sJohnny ‘Rebel’ Stott: “Hit hard! Always!”

One of the fastest drummers around today, Johnny built up his stamina manning the oars on Viking long boats between 800 to 1100AD. He disappeared from history for a number of centuries, although recent historical evidence suggests that he may have been active as early as the late-Mayan era (which fits with estimates that he is between 4 and 5 thousand years old).

He later surfaced throughout the 80′s where he is rumoured to have formed a punk band called Fallout playing original hardcore punk, then in Curfew, playing around Derby pubs and clubs.

Unconfirmed sightings also place him in ’89-’95 in a thrash/hardcore band ‘The Dicky P Quartet’ playing extreme thrash hardcore around Derby pubs and clubs and studio work.

Sightings died down for a number of years before more sightings, this time in Loughborough, of a covers band called ‘Strangedays’ playing gigs around Derby/Leicester area. He has most recently been seen playing for yours truly.